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Did you know that your school could be fined up to £500,000 by the ICO for a serious breach of data protection?

Simple admin errors can be a breach of data protection and may be reported to the ICO?

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Rob Montgomery

Rob Montgomery Team Leader

For schools

Information Security, Data Protection, GDPR and Freedom of Information

My team offers professional support for schools to help implement fit for purpose information governance arrangements/policies within the school ensuring the necessary safeguards are in place for, and appropriate use of, school, pupil and personal information. These areas include:

Freedom of Information (FOI)

  • Process any FOI request the school may receive.
  • Support the school in writing an FOI policy.
  • Provide training/awareness on all aspects of FOI.
  • Assist the school in creating a fit for purpose model publication scheme.

Data Protection Act (DPA)

  • Provide the same services as detailed above for FOI but relevant to DPA.
  • Review the schools ICO data protection registration and benchmark against other schools.
  • Undertake a data audit which reviews the schools processes against DPA requirements.
  • Review CCTV arrangements.
  • Support the school in writing a Privacy Policy and/or Social Media Policy.

Information security

  • Assist the school in writing an Information Security Policy.
  • Review the use of ICT including cloud services, use of removable media and disposal.

Records management

  • Assist the school in writing a Records Management Policy.
  • Review the schools information asset register and/or support them in creating one.
  • Review information sharing arrangements.


This legislation replaces the Data Protection Act 1998 and governs how organisations manage personal data of living identifiable individuals. This statement details how Telford & Wrekin Council will comply. View further information.

Why choose us?

We provide:

  • value for money by providing professional expertise in a service that is not easily obtained in the private sector
  • support to help schools implement the correct framework of information governance which will help protect them from potential fines of up to £500,000
  • dedicated officers who are fully qualified and have an in-depth knowledge in providing this service to schools.


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Customer feedback

"The data audit was immeasurable both in potential financial savings and ensuring compliance with both legislative requirements and best practice. Data protection is a very specialised area of management which undergoes regular changes, periodic audits such as this are extremely helpful and in the long term save time.”

Mount Gilbert School.

Customer feedback

"Firstly, thanks for completing this piece of work for us. When our Chair of Finance suggested it I thought it would be worthwhile, but it has proved to be more than that and we’ve got an awful lot out of it. The training and tightening of policies has gathered whole school buy in and I’d like to think we’re one of the lead schools in this area now."

Southall School.


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