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Rob Montgomery

Rob Montgomery Team Leader

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Insurance Services

My team provides advice and guidance to support schools in their management of operational risk through the purchase of insurance.

The risks to which schools are exposed are many and varied. This insurance package offers a suite of covers for insurable risks as well as offering a 'pay as you go' facility for ad-hoc risks. Claims handling is included within the package.

Insurance Package:

  • school buildings and contents (excluding theft - available through the Schools Finance Team)
  • employers and public/products liability
  • liability arising from publications
  • motor insurance (vehicle details required)
  • engineering insurance for items of plant (e.g. boilers and lifts)
  • engineering inspection service
  • claims handling service
  • claims information for your school
  • insurance advice
  • claims surgery (on request).

Pay as You Go:

  • Theft and Vandalism Scheme (an in-house scheme administered by our schools finance colleagues)
  • school trips/travel insurance
  • hirers liability (available to anyone who hires your facilities but has no insurance).

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We can put together a bespoke package depending on your requirements. Quotations can be provided on request.

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