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Mark Youd Centre Manager

Arthog Outdoor Education Centre - Wales

Arthog Outdoor Education Centre is a special kind of place.  It is a place which combines outstanding location and high levels of staff expertise with an ethos which ensures a warm welcome, a supportive and responsive service and a successful and truly memorable experience.

  • Location: a purpose built 120 bed residential centre on the coast of North Wales in the southern part of the Snowdonia National Park. The Centre is situated in private grounds in an elevated position overlooking the sea, estuary and mountains.
  • Adventure: we are not an ‘on-site’ activity centre.  We believe that the value of an adventurous activity is significantly enhanced by its location, so your adventures with us will take you into the wilds of Snowdonia.
  • Environment: there is no escaping its beauty and diversity.  Each step of your journey will provide new things to see and experience.  If fieldwork is your interest, there is great scope for a variety of projects in the locality.
  • Staff team: a friendly, dedicated group of people who will strive to make your visit a special one.  Our instructors are a highly skilled and very experienced group of professionals who take ownership of their group and endeavour to give them the best experience possible.

Why choose us?

Arthog’ has a long standing and enviable reputation for the provision of outstanding outdoor educational experiences. The adventures are real and the experiences unforgettable.


Please refer to Arthog’s website for further details or contact the centre directly.

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Customer feedback

"Parents who came as pupils themselves talk about this place with a kind of awe in their voices; ‘Arthog’ is a byword for everything good that people remember from their school days. Nothing quite touches this brilliance, this magic that you create time and time again."

Head teacher.

Customer feedback

"Yet again a truly amazing week with amazing people. ‘Arthog’ is the highlight of our children’s school ‘careers’ as well as the highlight of the year for all staff members lucky to come. You demonstrate a perfect combination of wit, knowledge, patience and fun that I aspire to recreate in the classroom."

Class teacher.

Customer feedback

"‘This was a very special week. We had some very capable students and because they were able to listen and co-operate, the instructors were able to give them a greater challenge. We were really out of our ‘comfort zone’. Pupils all grew emotionally and demonstrated great trust and teamwork. They all want to come back."

Special school Head teacher).


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