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FutureFocus is the specialist provider of Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) for young people in Telford and Wrekin.

The service supports schools to fulfil their statutory duty to provide young people with impartial IAG so that they may make successful transitions and have improved outcomes.

We support young people to help them make realistic, informed and aspirational decisions about their future. We work to reduce their barriers to participation, in line with the Raising the Participation Age.

Activities can include:

  • one-to-one careers guidance for all year 11 students
  • group work sessions to support career choices which can include:
    • post-16 options
    • UCAS Progress
    • applications
    • choosing KS4 options
    • CV building
    • apprenticeships
  • organising careers fairs
  • attending parents' evenings
  • arrange training provider/college/sixth form talks
  • we can work with any ages that the school would like a programme delivered to.

Why choose us? 

The Education Act 2011 places schools under a duty to secure access to independent and impartial careers guidance for their pupils from September 2012.

Whilst complying with the requirement to secure careers guidance from an external source, schools will be free to make arrangements for careers guidance that fit the needs and circumstances of their students, and will be expected to work, as appropriate, in partnership with external and expert providers.

From September 2013, Ofsted have taken greater account of the quality of careers guidance, and of where students progress on to post-16.

FutureFocus provides support to help maximise the number of positive destinations for students.

FutureFocus will use the IAG Quality Standards to support the delivery of high quality IAG, to evaluate the effectiveness of the service and to contribute towards the school meeting their new statutory duty.

IAG is an umbrella term and covers a range of activities and interventions that help young people to become more self-reliant and better able to manage their personal and career development, including learning.
It includes:

  • the provision of accurate, up-to-date and objective information on opportunities, progression routes, choices, where to find help and advice, and how to access it
  • the provision of advice through activities that help young people to gather, understand and interpret information and apply it to their own situation
  • the provision of impartial guidance and specialist support to help young people understand themselves and their needs, confront barriers, resolve conflicts, develop new perspectives and make progress.


Prices and work for different age groups and cohorts can be discussed and quotations can be provided on request.

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Customer feedback

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