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For schools and Parish & Town Councils

Engineering, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

We are an experienced and qualified team available to provide a wide range of specialist services to help you along the way including:

Engineering Services

  • Project management.
  • Civil engineering design and build.
  • Highway design.
  • Drainage design.
  • Use of Civil Engineering term contract.
  • Sustainable drainage system design.
  • Flood risk assessments/desk studies.
  • Use of sewer services jetting contract.
  • CDM services (health and safety advice).

Geotechnical and structural services

  • Project management.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Construction design management.
  • Desk studies.
  • Ground investigations, ground movement and groundwater monitoring.
  • Mining assessments and Mines and Quarries Tips Act inspections.
  • Foundation design.
  • Geotechnical and earthworks design.
  • Geo-hazard risk assessments.
  • Topographical surveys.
  • Building surveys.
  • Structural design.
  • Structural monitoring.
  • Land stabilisation.

Why choose us?

We provide:

  • an in-house service that does not include additional costs which may be incurred by using external consultants
  • extensive experience across two teams
  • a geotechnical team which has received numerous awards for completed projects and holds comprehensive records, some of which are not available to external third party consultants


We can put together a bespoke package depending on your requirements and costs can either be time charged or fixed price.

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