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Rob Montgomery

Rob Montgomery - Team Leader

Investigation Team

The Investigation Team can provide specialist support covering a number of potential areas of investigation including whistleblowing, financial fraud or irregularity, conflicts of interest, etc.

The team includes fully accredited Investigators who can undertake PACE interviews and have a wealth of experience in undertaking many types of investigations. 

Whether you require assurance that adequate arrangements are in place or whether you are concerned that a fraud and/or irregularity has taken place the Investigation Team can help!

The Investigation Team currently provides a wide array of services. Its primary function is to investigate areas of potential fraud or irregularity. It can however provide support in a number of other areas including (list not exhaustive):

Setting up whistleblowing arrangements
Production of anti-fraud related policies and procedures
Anti-fraud and corruption training
Concerns over irregular procurement processes
Investigating conflicts of interest

If for example you believe money is going missing the Investigation Team will review what has happened, interview staff (under PACE if necessary) and write a management report giving you full information on the incident. The team also have good police contacts so can utilise these when necessary.

Why choose us?

Undertaking potential fraud investigations is very time consuming, requires good knowledge of proper investigation processes and evidence gathering. It also assists greatly if an independent opinion can be provided - the Investigation Team can provide all of these elements.


Charges are dependent on the level of support required – quotations can be provided on request.

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Customer feedback

"Many thanks for all your support during, what I have to say was a worrying time. Your understanding of our needs meant things were resolved in a timely manner."