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School catering

Download information relating to the school catering service.

Primary school menu File icon (PDF)

Size: 871.59 KB

Facilities management and cleaning services

Download information relating to facilities management and cleaning services.

Help at hand leaflet File icon (PDF)

Size: 263.68 KB

PAT testing leaflet - schools only File icon (PDF)

Size: 99.83 KB

Facilities management leaflet File icon (PDF)

Size: 502.2 KB


Download information relating to agresso support.

Agresso leaflet File icon (PDF)

Size: 220.88 KB

Education Psychology Service

Download information relating to education psychology service.

Information governance

Download information relating to information governance.

Data audit scope File icon (PDF)

Size: 77.59 KB

GPDR service offer File icon (DOCX)

Size: 38.53 KB

GDPR Statement File icon (DOCX)

Size: 15.41 KB

Internal audit

Download information relating to internal audit services.

Telford and Wrekin Music Service

Download information relating to the Telford and Wrekin Music Service.

Teaching calendar File icon (PDF)

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Application pack File icon (PDF)

Size: 403.39 KB

Music timetable File icon (PDF)

Size: 64.99 KB

Music handbook File icon (PDF)

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Multicultural Development Team

Download information about the Multicultural Development Team.

School Finance Team

Download the documents relating to the School Finance Team.

Standard outturn report File icon (PDF)

Size: 265.43 KB

Standard payroll report File icon (PDF)

Size: 323.14 KB

Services for schools directory

Please download the services for schools directory.

Services for schools directory File icon (PDF)

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School Improvement Service

Download documents relating to the School Improvement Service.

School Governance

Download documents relating to School Governance.

Become a School Governor File icon (PDF)

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Governor Application form File icon (PDF)

Size: 336.61 KB

Sample menus

Sample menus for Commercial Catering service

Sample menus File icon (PDF)

Size: 871.59 KB

Recycling service information

Images and information leaflets about the recycling service in Telford & Wrekin.

Images of recycling containers File icon (DOCX)

Size: 353.71 KB

The recycling journey File icon (PDF)

Size: 2.79 MB

What to recycle leaflet File icon (PDF)

Size: 3.76 MB

MDT service charges from April 2016

Service charges

MDT service charges for 2016-17 File icon (PDF)

Size: 145.41 KB

Centrally held training courses

Download information about training courses.

MDT CPD - 2018-2019 File icon (DOCX)

Size: 102.66 KB

D of E documents

All SLA documents for DofE Awards

Broaden Your Horizons File icon (PDF)

Size: 3.86 MB

Role Description : DofE Co-ordinator File icon (PDF)

Size: 109.01 KB

Award Development Plan (May 2016) File icon (PDF)

Size: 144.86 KB

Dof E Service Level Agreement File icon (PDF)

Size: 476.7 KB


Multicultural Development Team resources

English as an Additional Language (EAL) referral form

Download the referral form for pupils learning EAL

Referral form for - EAL assessment File icon (DOCX)

Size: 69.45 KB

Bespoke training and consultancy

Download information about bespoke training and consultancy from the Multicultural Development Team.

Bespoke training and consultancy File icon (PDF)

Size: 120.04 KB

Useful English as an additional language (EAL) websites

Download a list of useful EAL websites

Useful EAL websites File icon (PDF)

Size: 90.91 KB

Certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance

Employers Liability document File icon (PDF)

Size: 210.13 KB

Services for Schools Brochure

School Packages

Ollie packages offered to schools.

School Packages File icon (PDF)

Size: 322.11 KB