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Educational Visit and Journeys

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Ensuring safety and wellbeing of everyone on a school visit or journey

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Jo Barnett

'Real learning takes place in real places...forests, factories and farms, by streams and lakes, in churchyards, railway stations, castles and camps. If young people meet learning in these sorts of places, they can go back to the artificial world of the classroom to study texts and media and listen to people helping them to build upon the real world by exploring places and times beyond their reach.’

Professor Mick Waters ‘Thinking Allowed’

‘Education in its broadest sense is not just about delivering a curriculum. It is about giving children the chance to extend their life skills. It is about giving children the chance to extend their life skills. It is about developing their confidence. It is about fostering their resilience and sense of responsibility. And – let us not forget it is about enjoyment, engagement and excitement of venturing out into the real world, with all its capacity for uncertainty, surprise, stimulation and delight.’

Tim Gill ‘Nothing Ventured…balancing risks and benefits in the outdoors’

‘A risk assessment is only as good as the experience of the people who made it’

Marcus Bailie of Adventure Activities Licensing Service

Educational Visit and Journeys

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Well organised educational visits provide memorable experiences, develop relationships and have a positive impact on young people’s learning and development. This page gives you access to a number of key documents, CPD opportunities and supporting materials to assist and guide those who manage, approve, lead and help with educational visits and journeys.

What we offer

A specific SLA which applies to situations where adults acting in the course of their employment have responsibility for:

  • on-site outdoor activities
  • off-site activities and visits
  • the associated journey and travel arrangements
  • residential visits
  • visits that involve travelling outside England, Scotland and Wales
  • outdoor adventurous activities and field studies in higher risk environments.

The Telford and Wrekin Service Level Agreement includes:-

  • An OEAP accredited Outdoor Education Advisor
  • Employers guidance and approval process for high risk educational visits and journeys abroad
  • Educational Visits Coordinator training and termly network meetings
  • Educational Visit Leader Training (theory and practical courses)
  • Management of Visit Emergencies (NEW COURSE)
  • The eVisit software system option

Supplementary training and qualifications 

  • Including Outdoor First Aid, Lowland Leader and Summer Mountain Leader Awards, the John Muir Award and the OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards. 
  • Further information regarding Outdoor First Aid and Leadership can be found here
  • Further information regarding Staff Development can be found here  

Why choose us?

  • Essential guidance for all those who have responsibility for the approval, planning and/or execution of any educational visit including mandatory Employers Guidance for those operating under Telford and Wrekin Local Authority.
  • Support and training for Educational Visit Coordinators, Visits Leaders and anyone interested in education off site, out of doors, overseas or in a residential setting.
  • This advice and guidance is part of a supplementary SLA to Telford and Wrekin Health and Safety Advice Service to Schools but can be accessed independently or purchased on an event by event or needs basis.

Contact us:

Jo Barnett
Telephone: 01952 382057


Customer feedback

'Didn’t get a chance to say THANK YOU for yesterday. I found it very useful. I really like the idea of a “collective” working together for the common good’.

Customer feedback

'Because if you just read stuff out of a book, it’s not really enjoyable and you don’t really remember it. But if you go there then you’ll enjoy yourself, you’ll have great fun and it’ll stick in your mind’

Customer feedback

'I’d say you learn mostly how to interact with different kinds of people and are open to different ideas. You learn how to cooperate well with others who share and don’t share the same opinions as you’

Courses and meetings
  • EVC Training 27 Sept 2019

  • EVC Network meeting 7 Oct 2019

  • Ed. Visit Leader (Theory ONLY) 15 Oct 2019

  • Ed. Visit Leader (Theory & Practical) 22 Nov 2019

  • NEW Management of Visit Emergencies 21 Jan 2020

  • NEW E Visits - Book your set up meeting

  • Look out for new revised TWC Guidance published Sept2019