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Online Learning Interactive Environment (Ollie)

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Ollie is the total platform for our learning and development offer.

You can personalise learning through individual learning plans and access a variety of learning solutions through Ollie that will ensure compliance and drive important business outcomes. You can also access simple reports to enable you to manage the learning.

Depending on the access you have you can access:

• Over 300 eLearning courses
• Over 250 face to face events

The most commonly used eLearning courses on offer are:

• Child Sexual Exploitation
• Female Genital Mutilation
• Child Protection
• Prevent
• Data Protection Act 2018
• E Safety Awareness

Why Choose Us?

You will now be able to book all of your face to face training through Ollie, including face to face training offered by:
• Safeguarding Children Board
• School Improvement Service
• Talking Training
• Telford Training Services
• Health & Safety training

We have also developed ‘certification’ which enables us to remind learners when their qualification, such as First Aid, needs to be re taken, they can then rebook through Ollie.


In response to feedback from schools that already use the eLearning; we have come up with bundles of eLearning that you can pay for at the start of the financial year, along with a basic annual support fee.

Click here to view our full offer to schools or contact Becci Hirst on 01952 383919 or email for more information.

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Customer feedback

"Ollie is easy to use and enables me to access learning anytime, any day. I found it a fun and interactive way to learn and it provides a wider range of courses than I would normally have access to."